Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Seafood Nutritional Partnership

The Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) Sends a Strong Message about Seafood’s “Must Have” Nutritional Benefits

 The recently formed Seafood Nutrition Partnership (SNP) brought together healthcare, nutrition, education, and seafood experts and created a united voice in order to convince U.S. consumers to eat seafood for its essential nutritional health benefits.  Sea Port joined with others in the seafood industry to provide startup funding for this partnership and is pleased that an informed group of experts now exists to promote the uniquely essential nutritional health aspects of seafood.  The partnership strongly states that the risks of eating seafood (e.g. mercury) are far outweighed/countered by seafood’s multiple essential nutritional benefits (e.g. omega 3s, selenium).

Simply put,  by not eating seafood at least twice a week (8-12 ounces) as recommended by the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, children (also developing fetuses), adults, and senior citizens are not getting the proper amount of the essential nutrients that seafood supplies for optimum brain, eye, and cardiovascular health. 

Not only does the Seafood Nutritional Partnership website list the state of the art science to back their seafood essential nutrients message, but they also list multiple seafood preparation instructions using the pictorial power of Pinterest.  The use of this innovative tool helps take the mystery and fear out of cooking seafood for the consumer.  Seafood preparation is appropriately given major emphasis by the partnership, because in the long run, convincing people how easy it is to cook seafood will help bring consumption up to the recommended levels.  For the public to finally acknowledge that seafood provides critically essential nutrients is one thing, but getting people to feel comfortable cooking seafood is quite another.  The Seafood Nutritional Partnership is positioned well to convince the remaining 80% of us that do not eat enough seafood to do so and hence improve our personal health and that of our potentially unborn children.  Sea Port wholeheartedly supports this critically important mission.

Sea Port will also continue to expand on its own internal initiatives such as its “Go Blue! Plate – Choose My Seafood for Sustainability” which promotes both human health and environmental stewardship by simply advising consumers to choose to eat a variety of seafood at the proper weekly intervals.  Please visit our website and our Go Blue! Seafood Sustainability Blog today to stay informed on socioeconomic, environmental, and sustainability developments in our seafood industry.

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